Elimetal has a history of over 30 years as a leading edge of supplier of machined components the following industries




High-end commercial products

Elimetal’s products can be found throughout the globe at ALL ALTITUDES: From as low as 6000 meters below sea level to unimaginable heights way up in the stratosphere.

In the aerospace sector we specialise in engine and landing gear components mainly manufactured with 5 axis turn-mill & milling centers, ID/OD Grinders, Honing, Lapping and various other specialized equipment. We also employ well-known processes such as: match grinding and pressure testing.

Our fleet of 3 and 5-axis milling centers capable of machining large size components (up to 120" x 46") allow us to offer very competitive solutions for structural parts

For our energy and military customers, we manufacture highly complex parts made out of exotic alloys such as Inconels, stainless steels, titaniums, hains, tungsten. We employ our in-house special processes such as: EDM Drilling, Brazing, Grinding, Abrasive Polishing

For our customers looking for high volume & tight tolerances, we are fully equipped with horizontal pallet-type milling centers as well as lights-out high speed 5 axis milling machines.

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